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What is Joopk?
Joopk is a website builder and content management system (CMS) that makes it easy and fast for users--at any level--to build and manage a real, content-rich website. Url Rewriting, Administration, Pages on the Fly, Asp.Net 4.0, C# core.

You can create your own modules and add them on the fly to any page using a <%--BEGINCONTROL--%>CONTROLNAME<%--ENDCONTROL--%> Control Name being the name of the ascx control without the ascx. The whole thing is fairly simple.

The core functionality is compiled, and is not available for editing (url rewriting, control processing, meta tag processor, page name processor), but any suggestions will be taken into consideration for inclusion in the core dll's. The site tag must remain in the website, you can hide it via css, but you cant remove it. Same goes for the notices in the source. The rest of the structure is up available for additions, modification, etc. Looking for any suggestions and help!

*All of the pages, styles, containers, contact info, and everything else is in xml. This entire framework can run database-less. I wanted to make a copy and go framework, no need for mysql or sql server (even though we all love Sql Server!). was built because I am getting a little tired of customers using Drupal and Joomla trying to hire a developer to manage and change their site. Isn't a CMS supposed to make it easier for the client to make their own changes. Apparently Not, you need a Yellow Dumb book just to make a change. This is different. We're going to focus more on ease of use, for the normal person to be able to add pages, do seo, edit meta information, create newsletters, do forums and sell products.

(Testimonials, Links, Newsletter Creation, Newsletter Mailer, User Management, Settings Management, Press Releases, Articles, News, Events, Blog, Videos, Links, Faq, more..)
Galleries and Image Rotators

* Single Gallery Module
* Multi Gallery Module
* Jquery Rotating Gallery Module
* Image Page with Jquery Module

Feedback and Website Contact

* Contact Module
* Customer Service Module
* Feedback Module


* Blog Module

Shopping Cart and Order System (Not included in this, contact me if interested)

* Shopping Cart and Checkout
* Order and Order Processing

Demo Site

(just to browse: read only)
username: admin
password: admin

Developer Information

Coming Soon


Page Management Admin Screenshot

Multi Gallery Admin Screenshot

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